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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Uses and Benefits

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Uses and Benefits

Ylang-Ylang as well as many other essential oils are widely used in cosmetic products and for medicinal purposes. They are interesting in skincare because they contain concentrated plant extracts that can have various potential benefits for the skin. Many essential oils have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties that may help improve the appearance and health of the skin. They are natural sources of biologically active ingredients and considered as safe and nontoxic when used at right concentrations. All of the plant-based oils found in helwé’s products are non-comedogenic (comedogenic index less than 2). In fact, most of these oils are sebum regulators.

What is Ylang-Ylang and what are its benefits?

Ylang-Ylang is called the «Queen of Flowers». It is an essential oil obtained by steam distillation of the fragrant flowers of the tree Cananga Odorata. Currently, ylang-ylang oil can be found in a vast range of cosmetic products including night oils, scented candles, soaps, moisturizing creams, and perfumes.


What are the origins of Ylang-Ylang?

Scientific name: Cananga odorata

Plant Family: Annonaceae (custard apple family) or annona, the largest family of the magnolia order.

Native region: Native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and has been widely introduced by Polynesians, Micronesians.

Morphology: Ylang-ylang is classified as a fast growing, medium sized tree (10−20 m in height but occasionally up to 40 m in natural forests).

Flowers:  Ylang-ylang flowers are long-lasting and change color as they grow. They bloom when very young, especially in rainy months. They begin with a greenish yellow that blends into the tree and gradually becomes a glossy lemon yellow. 

Fruits: Ylang-ylang trees produce fruits that turn black at maturity and are a valuable food source for a wide variety of tropical birds and small mammals.

Parts used: Flowers.

Essential oil extraction method: The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the fragrant flowers.


For what purposes is Ylang-ylang used? (not only cosmetics)

  • Traditional medicine: In Java and Vietnam, dried flowers of C.odorata are used for the treatment of malaria symptoms. Fresh flowers are pulverized and utilized in the treatment of asthma. Traditional healers in the Northern Mariana Islands use flowers and bark for pneumonia and stomach problems. French chemists have discovered that oil works against malaria, typhus and intestinal tract infections.
  • Perfumery: The main commercial product is distilled oil for the fragrance industry, most of which is sent to France. Ylang-Ylang essential oil is believed to be used as an important ingredient in Chanel's famous N°5 perfume, an internationally recognized fragrance (The National, 2015). The essential oil is also a perfume used by perfume makers like Guerlain, Tom Ford and Dior.
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapists claim that oil is helpful for depression, difficult breathing, hypertension, anxiety as an aphrodisiac.


What does Ylang-ylang smell like?

The Ylang Ylang produces yellow flowers whose fragrance is sweet, warm, floral and exotic with a verdant richness and a memorable sweetness. If you’ve never smelled ylang-ylang before, the closest comparison we can think of is perhaps jasmine.

Fun fact about Ylang Ylang 

In Indonesian wedding traditions, ylang-ylang flowers are sprinkled on the bed of newlywed couples as they are believed to have aphrodisiac .


What are the benefits of Ylang-ylang in cosmetics?

From these yellow flowers, we extract by distillation the precious essential oil which medicinal and cosmetic qualities have widely been recognized: 


In which helwé products is Ylang Ylang present?

The Sérum Nuit Active:

It is regenerative and antioxidant and actively regulates sebum thanks to its jojoba and macadamia oils as well as the yang-ylang essential oil. Furthermore, thanks to the soothing, anti-stress, relaxing and aphrodisiac ylang-ylang essential oil, this serum will enable you to have nights full of emotions and sensuality.

The Sérum Nuit Essentielle: 

It reduces wrinkles and fine lines caused by the drying out of the skin.

It revives the functions of the skin and regulates the hydration rate thanks to the sebum’s antioxidant-rich and very nourishing and regenerative vegetable oils. It brightens the complexion.

The skin is visibly tightened and is radiant on waking. Even skins that are prone to red patches are soothed.

The Revitalized Night Serum is the vital anti-aging and restorative serum that suits all types of skins.

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