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Combination Skin

Visual Aspect

Combination skin is, as the name suggests, divided into two types or conditions of skin. It is usually characterized by a fatty part in the T zone, i.e. the forehead, nose and chin. This T zone reveals dilated pores and excess sebum, which may occasionally present some imperfections, blackheads and red spots. As a result, this part of the face promotes an irregular skin texture and visible pores. As for the cheeks, the skin is usually normal in this area, without specific characteristics, except for some slight dehydration, which is present in all skin types.

In fact, the skin is only able to produce sebum (a fatty substance) that will create a protective film known as the hydrolipidic film. However, the skin does not secrete water.


For the ones with combination skin: This type of skin tends to produce oil in the T-zone, but it can be dry in the rest of the face. This is usually due to genetics, but it can also be a sign of the skin’s hormonal imbalance triggered by hormones, stress, diet, tobacco and humidity. The use of products containing ingredients that can be aggressive or aggravating for the skin, such as alcohol, will inevitably dry out certain areas of your face while stimulating the production of oil in other parts, (especially around the nose), which are already oily.

Products used for combination skin routine

Combination skin routine

helwé s Layering Method: Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

For combination skins, the most important thing is to gently double cleanse your skin in order to remove blackheads and impurities without any irritation.

Twofold Cleansing


Prodige Démaquillant Hydratant

In the evening, remove your makeup with the oil-based makeup remover to easily dissolve all the day’s impurities. The Prodige Démaquillant Hydratant (Hydrating Make-up Remover) contains five high quality, non-comedogenic vegetable oils that help regulate the production of sebum for a clear and mattified skin.

Apply the make-up removing oil to your face, neck and bust, massage well so that the oil can be well absorbed.

Wait a few minutes and then soak a cotton pad in water and wipe the three areas four times to remove all makeup, re-soaking the cotton pad each time.

Brume Perfection

Spray the mist all over the cleansed areas of your neck, face and bust.

Brume Perfection (Mist of Perfection) is a combination of Aloe Vera juice and English lavender, green myrtle and cistus ladanifer floral waters. It is purifying, astringent, soothing, invigorating and most importantly, it prepares the skin to better absorb the helwé treatment.


Prodige Démaquillant Hydratant

In the morning, use The Prodige Démaquillant Hydratant (Hydrating Make-up Remover) to hydrate and regenerate your skin. This product contains 5 high quality, non-comedogenic vegetable oils which help regulate the production of sebum for a clear and mattified skin. Apply the Hydrating Makeup Remover all over the face, neck and bust area, and then massage until well absorbed. Thanks to the five vegetable oils used in this product, Makeup Remover Prodigy has a moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin. It is also a sebum regulator thanks to the Jojoba and Macadamia oils it contains.

This is why we advise you to keep it on your skin as long as possible before removing it with the disc.

Brume Perfection

Then spray the mist on your face after applying the make-up removing oil. Brume Perfection (Mist of Perfection) is a combination of Aloe Vera juice and English lavender, green myrtle and cistus ladanifer floral waters. It is purifying, astringent, soothing and invigorating.

Gentle Exfoliation


Lotion Exfoliante Peau Parfaite

Apply the Lotion Exfoliante Peau Parfaite (Perfect Skin Exfoliating Lotion) with a cotton pad. This lotion helps regulate the sebum, cleanses the skin and stimulates cell renewal through its gentle exfoliation.


Lotion Exfoliante Peau Parfaite or Lotion Exfoliante Peau Douce

You can exfoliate using exfoliating lotions for soft skin or perfect skin, up to 3 times a week for those who feel that their skin is very dull. But beware of sun exposure. Make sure to always use sunscreen after your skin care.



Sérum Perfection and Sérum Nuit Essentielle

Sérum Perfection (Anti-blemish Serum)
This serum is made from a combination of Bakuchiol and Retinol. The association of the two molecules has the power to regenerate cells without causing irritation.
This serum reduces imperfections while tightening the skin texture.

Sérum Nuit Essentielle (The Revitalized Night Serum) is very rich in Jojoba oil, sea buckthorn and true lavender essential oil, which are very balancing for combination skin. These oils provide the skin with the substances it needs to regenerate it overnight.

Sérum perfection and Crème Prodigieuse or Crème Éternelle

Sérum Perfection (Anti-blemish Serum)
Followed by Crème Prodigieuse (Prodigious Cream): this cream, rich in Royal Jelly, is ideal for combination skins. It moisturizes, relieves irritations, accelerates cell renewal, stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens the skin's barrier function, and fights against skin aging.


Crème Éternelle (Eternity Cream)
Contains Centella asiatica which is an extraordinary plant with many benefits for combination skins. In addition to moisturizing, repairing and healing, Centella asiatica is ideal for bringing freshness and radiance to your skin.

Recommended Masks for Combination Skin

In order to take good care of your combination skin, we have chosen rebalancing masks from the helwé range that gently purify and hydrate the skin. They are to be used 2 to 3 times a week.

  • Masque Éternel: Mask of Eternity loaded with Centella Asiatica.
  • Masque Clarté: Fair Skin Mask based on fruit acids, Bakuchiol, Royal Jelly and Alpha Arbutine.
  • Masque Pulpeux: Plumping Mask based on Collagen, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid.

Eye Care Routine

Hydrance Yeux Glamours and Regard Prodigieux

When used simultaneously, Hydrance Yeux Glamours (Glamorous Eyes Hydrance) and Regard Prodigieux (Prodigious Look) work as a perfect hydrating, anti-ageing and plumping eye care treatment. As a result, your eye area is revitalized and brightened, and your lips enhanced thanks to the immediate tightening effect of the products.


Depending on your skin's needs you can either use a regenerating and hydrating shot or an antioxidant and anti- blemish shot.

Sérum Perfection, Sérum Hydratation Intense and Crème Jeunesse or Émulsion Active

The combination of Perfection Serum, Intense Hydration Serum and Youth Cream works together to optimize the regenerating and moisturizing effect on combination skins.

Sérum Perfection (Anti-blemish Serum)
This serum is made from a combination of Bakuchiol and Retinol. The association of the two molecules has the power to regenerate cells without causing irritations. The Anti-blemish Serum reduces imperfections and large pores while tightening skin texture and soothing inflammation.

Sérum Hydration Intense (Intense Hydration Serum)
Combination skin needs hydration just as much as any other skin type. The lipid barrier must be protected and strengthened to allow the skin to regulate itself properly. This serum offers you the ideal combination for a well-hydrated, plumped-up skin.

Next comes the Crème Jeunesse (The Forever Young Cream) which is made from Bakuchiol, a natural alternative to Retinol. This cream will reduce wrinkles, brighten complexion, treat acne and make the skin flexible and hydrated.


The Emulsion Active (Active Lotion)
It invigorates and purifies the skin and brightens the complexion thanks to cedar wood and palmarosa essential oils. It also regulates sebum and removes minor skin imperfections thanks to jojoba and Nigella sativa oils.

Sérum Radieux, Booster Energie then Crème Énergie or Crème Prodigieuse

The combination of Sérum Radieux (Radiant serum) along with the Booster Énergie (Energy Booster) and Crème Énergie (Energy Cream) are a “shot” of antioxidants to your skin, which will recapture its radiance in no time.

  • Sérum radieux (Radiant Serum), is a vitamin C based serum, which will boost your skin’s glow.
  • The Booster Énergie (Energy Booster) will boost the radiance and antioxidant of the Radiant Serum. It is a “shot” of hydration, energy and antioxidants.
  • Crème Énergie (Energy Cream) is an antioxidant cream that has lifting and anti-aging effects, thanks to its composition of Royal Jelly, coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E.

Or Crème Prodigieuse

Eye Care Routine

Hyalo C Yeux Velours and Regard Prodigieux

The powerful duo of Hyalo C Velours (Hyalo C Velvet Eyes Serum), made out of a synergic combination of three powerful antioxidants Vitamins C and E and coenzyme Q10, in addition to the Regard Prodigieux cream (Prodigious Look), which contains Royal Jelly and Hyaluronic acid, targets visible signs of aging such as crows’ feet. The combination of these two products intensely smoothens and improves the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.