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helwé loyalty program

Welcome to the helwé loyalty program. Join our helwé loyalty program by opening an account on the website. You will benefit from many rewards as helwé rewards its loyal customers ♡


What are the rewards?

250 points

350 points

$10 discount reward
500 points
650 points
Get a free Gel Énergie Corps
900 points
1350 points
free set reward


How to earn loyalty points?

Demo video

Click on this video demo to understand step-by-step what you have to do to earn points and how to redeem it!

There are four different ways to earn points:

1. Place an order online: Earn 1 loyalty point per $1 every time you purchase with us!

2. Refer friends and family to earn 200 loyalty points when they spend $30.00.

3. Leave a product review and earn 10 loyalty points per review. Maximum 5 reviews per 30 days. Minimum 30 characters.

4. Return your empty bottles: earn 25 points by bottle returned. All you have to do is to order online the quantity of the bottles you will return, which will happen at delivery of your order.