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How to prevent and combat pigmentation spots?

How to prevent and combat pigmentation spots?



If you have pigmentation spots on your face, you probably want to make them less visible. Helwé offers professional anti-spot treatments with a follow-up skincare protocol at home, using special skincare products that fade pigmentation spots and even out your skin tone.

How do pigmentation spots appear?

Pigmentation spots are often associated with age, due to skin exposure to the sun.

These pigmentation spots can also occur in younger individuals. This hyperpigmentation is the result of unprotected exposure to sunlight for years.

How to eliminate pigmentation spots?

It's difficult to completely eliminate pigmentation spots. But you can do quite a few things to prevent or reduce pigmentation spots.

Use a sunscreen product of at least SPF 30 every day.

This helps prevent the appearance of (new) spots.

Use a vitamin C serum under your SPF every morning

Its antioxidant effect enhances the SPF's effectiveness and better protects the face. Start applying it from 26 or 27 years old.

Use products containing many antioxidants

Some plant-based ingredients like tomato lycopene, sea buckthorn oil, pomegranate extract, resveratrol, bakuchiol can reduce spots and give a lot of radiance.

Use products containing niacinamide, kojic acid, azelaic acid, and AHAs.

In combination, these ingredients target different aspects of pigmentation, such as melanin production, melanin transfer, and skin cell turnover, resulting in a more comprehensive approach to reducing pigmentation spots and achieving a more even complexion.

What are the helwé products to prevent and combat pigmentation spots?

In the Helwé collection, you'll find numerous products that prevent the appearance of pigmentation spots and fade existing skin discolorations.

Helwé Exfoliation

Lotion Exfoliante Peau ParfaiteThis lotion for normal, combination and oily skin combines 10% AHA fruit acids, 1% salicylic acid (BHA) and provitamin B5. They brighten the complexion, remove surface imperfections and diminish skin discoloration.

Helwé Masks

  • Masque Clarté (depigmenting mask): a mask based on kojic acid and AHAs, which helps reduce pigmentation spots.

  • Masque Radieux (antioxidant mask): based on several antioxidants like vitamin C, resveratrol, tomato lycopene, and vitamin E. This mask is also hydrating and soothing due to the presence of hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and red clay, making it suitable for sensitive skin. This mask fades pigmentation spots, giving your dull skin a new radiance. 

Instructions of use: Use 3 times a week, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse off with water or leave a thin layer on the skin and apply your serums and creams afterward. Note: The Masque Clarté should only be applied in the evening as AHAs are photosensitizing.

Helwé Serums & Creams 

Bakuchiol, Niacinamide

  • Sérum Perfection: based on bakuchiol and niacinamide, two very interesting ingredients for reducing spots.

  • Crème Jeunesse: based on bakuchiol, it helps repair sun damage and prevents the appearance of new pigmentation spots.

Vitamin C

  • Sérum Radieux: based on 10% ascorbic acid, vitamin E, and ferulic acid, this serum, thanks to its high concentration of vitamin C, contributes to fading brown and stubborn pigmentation spots and skin discolorations caused by sun damage or hormonal changes.

  • Sérum Eclat: a serum based on liposoluble vitamin C, with excellent skin penetration, sea buckthorn extract, and vitamin E, recommended for sensitive skin.

Other antioxidants

  • Sérum Pureté: a serum with 10% azelaic acid (coming out in 1 month), fades pigmentation spots and skin discolorations caused by acne. It also helps prevent new breakouts and slows down skin aging.

  • Crème Energie: based on several antioxidants: coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, royal jelly, apricot and jojoba oil, it hydrates the skin and protects it from the harmful effects of the sun.

Instructions: Apply morning and/or evening after your antioxidant serums.
  • Booster d'Energie: a booster based on several antioxidants like tomato lycopene and pomegranate and carrot extracts.

Instructions: Add a few drops of booster to your creams and serums to better protect your skin.

What are the recommended helwé treatments by skin type? 

Skin type: normal, combination, oily skins 

For skincare routine at home:


  1. Masque Radieux (3 times a week)
  2. Sérum Radieux
  3. Sérum Perfection
  4. Crème Energie
  5. SPF


  1. Masque Clarté (3 times a week)
  2. Lotion Exfoliante Peau Parfaite
  3. Sérum Perfection
  4. Crème Energie

Professional treatments

  1. The helwé signature facial 
  2. The brightening facial
  3. The bonne mine facial
  4. The chest treatment (optional) 


Skin type: sensitive, very dry skin


  1. Sérum Eclat
  2. Crème Jeunesse + few drops of Booster d'Energie (optional)
  3. SPF (coming soon)


  1. Masque Radieux (3 times a week)
  2. Sérum Eclat
  3. Crème Jeunesse + few drops of Booster d'Energie (optional)

Professional treatments

    1. The helwé signature facial 
    2. The bonne mine facial

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