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How to treat hyperpigmentation?

How to treat hyperpigmentation

Do you have dark spots that increased after the summer? Are you looking to get a brighter and more even skin tone? Read this article to learn more about what causes hyperpigmentation, how you can treat it and help prevent new ones from forming.


What is hyperpigmentation?

What does hyperpigmentation mean?

The term is used to describe areas of uneven pigmentation of the skin that are called dark spots. Hyperpigmentation occurs when skin darkens in spots or areas due to an increase in melanin. Melanin is the substance in skin which gives it its color. 

What are the different types of dark spots?

1. Liver spots, sun spots or age spots

Those spots are age-related and due to excessive sun exposure that appear from the age of 40, especially on the face, neckline and hands. It is often the lighter-skinned people who tend to have them. 

2. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation occur following acne, eczema, skin burns, wounds due to skin inflammation. This is when the entire repair system did not have time to complete its work. This type of hyperpigmentation is more visible on people with darker skins.

3. "Melasma" or "pregnancy masks"
We do not know exactly the origin of melasma only that it increases a lot through sun exposure. However, it can often be due to hormonal regulations: women taking oral contraceptives or pregnant women. And so, we believe, it is often due to an increase in estrogen or it can be genetic.
hyperpigmentation causes


How to treat hyperpigmentation?

When you have dark spots that look irregular, you should always go to a Dermatologist first. Otherwise, hyperpigmentation can be treated by cosmetics products. 

To effectively treat hyperpigmentation, you need to have a targeted day and night layering skincare routine. Why layering? Layering allows you to better target dark spots by using more molecules at the highest levels of efficiency.   As hyperpigmentation will not go away overnight, consistency is key. 


What should you use to prevent and treat hyperpigmentation?

1. The first thing to do is to fight against free radicals (responsible for oxidative stress in our cells) which are increased by external factors such as the sun and pollution. 

Solution: use antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, reservatrol and other. 

helwé products including vitamin C are sérum radieux (L-ascorbic vitamin C) and sérum éclat (10% of liposoluble vitamin C).

helwé products including vitamin E are sérum radieux, sérum éclat, booster d'énergie and crème énergie

2. The second thing to do is to decrease or block the activity of the enzyme that produces melanin. 

Solution: use molecules such as retinoids, bakuchiol, arbutin. 

helwé products including bakuchiol, an alternative to retinol are sérum perfection and crème jeunesse

3. The third thing to do is to exfoliate your skin with fruit acids, which will accelerate cell renewal. 

Solution: use AHA (glycolic acid, lactic acid...) and BHA (salicylic acid)

helwé products including AHA are lotion exfoliante peau douce, lotion exfoliante peau parfaite and masque clarté

helwé products including BHA are lotion exfoliante peau parfaite and lotion exfoliante peau nette

Reduce hyperpigmentation


What should be your night skincare routine?

First, you need to double cleanse well your skin. That's the step one of a skincare routine.

After cleansing, I recommend to use an exfoliating lotion or mask. That is the step two of a skincare routine.

  • For normal, combination and oily skin, I recommend to use a daily exfoliating lotion, the lotion exfoliante peau parfaite, which is very effective at treating dark spots. In addition to that, I recommend applying the mask clarté that combines two or three times a week.
  • For sensitive skin types, I recommend using the lotion exfoliante peau douce, which will not irritate your skin as it is only made from lactic acid.

Exfoliating lotions contains molecules that are photo-sensitives, therefore, it is recommended to only use it at night.

After exfoliating, it's time for care that acts on skin renewal. That's the step three and last one of a skincare routine. I recommend using the sérum perfection containing bakuchiol and sérum nuit essentielle that brightens your complexion.

skincare night routine


What should be your morning skincare routine?

In the morning, the focus should be on antioxidants. The more products with antioxidants you use, the merrier it is to fight against free radicals. Sérum radieux, sérum éclat, crème énergie, booster d'énergie, all these products contain a bunch of antioxidants (Q10, Vitamin E, ferulic acid, sea ​​buckthorn, tomato lycopene, carrot extracts...). They regenerate the skin, have a powerful anti-aging effect, and eliminate dark spots. 

To conclude, it is a complete layering routine that will treat hyperpigmentation. After three to four weeks, you will get a healthy glow, a bright complexion and your dark spots will be strongly reduced.

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