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The Body Youth Set

The set includes:

Planning a party or slipping into a low-cut outfit? The solution is at hand! Introducing our enchanting body sensual oil (Huile des Sens) with a captivating fragrance. And for that Cinderella-like transformation, our remarkable chest gel, "Gel Tonique Buste" and body oil (Booster Jeunesse Corps), work wonders. They tighten your skin texture, leaving you with a firmed and toned appearance, ready to dazzle in any occasion.

Skin type

all skin types

Instructions for use

After your shower, on your damp body skin, apply the body oil (Huile des Sens). To enhance antioxidant and anti-aging effects and reduce brown spots, you can add a few drops of the booster (Booster Jeunesse Corps) to the oil (Huile Des Sens) in the palm of your hand before applying it to the body. Finally, apply to the upper and lower neck the gel (Gel Tonique Buste) for a firming and toning effect.