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The Complete Anti-Aging Set

The perfect ritual to prevent and fight effectively against the signs of aging.

This anti-aging set covers all the essential steps of a complete beauty ritual to regain elasticity, comfort and a plumped skin. Antioxidants, essential active ingredients for slowing down premature skin aging, complete this set.  

Night routine

After cleansing your skin (step 1, not included in the box), you must exfoliate it with an exfoliating lotion included in this box (step 2). 

Why exfoliate your skin? 

  1. To remove dead skin cells
  2. To soothe and soothe the skin
  3. To brighten the complexion, and better prepare the skin for step 3. 

So start by applying the exfoliating lotion that is the most adapted to your skin type.

In step 3, it is necessary to renew and moisturize the skin, which are two essential anti-aging gestures.

  1. Start the treatment step by applying the sérum perfection. It includes bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol that doesn’t cause any irritation. It activates cell renewal and makes the skin clearer and more luminous. Bakuchiol activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, but also of other constituents of the dermis, including the hyaluronic acid. It therefore has a very anti-aging action. 
  1. Then apply a few drops of sérum nuit essentielle. A vital anti-aging and restorative serum that suits all types of skins. It is particularly rich in sea buckthorn extract and apricot oil, which are two glow and radiance boosting oils. 
  1. Mix a few drops of the booster d'énergie with the sérum nuit essentielle. Full of antioxidants, this serum re-energizes the epidermis and is ideal for preventing and repairing skin damage. 

The steps:

Cleanse your face then apply:

  1. Lotion exfoliante adapted to your skin type
  2. Sérum perfection
  3. Sérum nuit essentielle
  4. Booster d’énergie (sample)


Morning routine

In the morning, using plenty of antioxidants will slow down the oxidation process of the cells, and thus avoid the occurrence of oxidative stress. They allow us to delay the natural aging process of the cells, but they also act as a barrier to the premature aging factors to which we are exposed on a daily basis.

This is the morning ritual:

  1. Sérum radieux
  2. Crème énergie
  3. Booster d’énergie (sample)

The combination of vitamin C, ascorbic acid, vitamin E and ferulic acid in the sérum radieux, followed by coenzyme Q10 in the crème énergie make an explosive combination of antioxidants, smoothing wrinkles, fighting against skin slackening and protecting against premature aging of the skin. Add a few drops of the booster d’énergie at the end to boost the hydration, energy and antioxidants effects.


This set includes a masque radieux sample, which you can apply anytime. This mask is plenty of antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, tomato lycopene extract, reservatrol, which makes it a perfect cure for preventing skin aging, reducing wrinkles and fine lines and making the complexion bright again.


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