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The Handsome Set

Skin type: all skin types.

1x Tonique BG
1x Emulsion Active
Sample : Sérum Nuit Active

This kit is composed of 2 natural treatments, plus a nighttime and effective sample that are aimed to delight all the men in your life.
After shaving, the skin will be soothed and the irritations and cuts will vanish after using the BG Tonic. As for The active emulsion, it provides additional care by moisturizing and regulating the skin's sebum.

A topnotch morning duo for all the men who are in a rush and looking for speediness and efficiency.
A night serum is offered as a sample.

The Active Night Serum is regenerating, and helps regulate sebum, thanks to its jojoba and macadamia oils as well as ylang-ylang essential oil. In addition, this essential oil which works as an anti-stress, as well as an aphrodisiac tonic, this serum will allow them to have nights filled with emotions and sensuality !!!!