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Antioxidants in summer

Antioxidants in summer

Why is it important to use antioxidants on the skin all year round, but especially in the summer?

Antioxidants protect cells from oxidation. When oxidation occurs, cells are damaged and this accelerates skin aging (wrinkles, sagging...). Antioxidants such as CoQ10, vitamin C, resveratrol, vitamin E, niacinamide, astaxanthin offer protection by reducing the effects of oxidation. That's why it's essential to include antioxidants in your skin care routine during the summer months.

Note: Vitamin C is not a photosensitizer; on the contrary, it optimizes photoprotection by effectively fighting free radicals. It is therefore recommended to use an antioxidant serum in addition to sunscreen, especially in summer.

In addition, a combination of antioxidants provides significant synergistic protection against oxidative stress on the skin and offers an effective shield against photo-aging. So the more antioxidants in your routine, the better.

That's why we love the combined antioxidants found in Helwé.

The summer set from helwé:

Here is a set to be used every day, suitable for all skin types. You can order it here


  • Sérum Radieux, Radiant Serum (vitamin C ascorbic acid, vitamin E, ferulic acid)
  • Crème Energie, Energizing Cream (Q10 and vitamin E, royal jelly)
  • Sample 20ml: Booster d’énergie, Energy Booster (pomegranate extract, carrot, tomato lycopene, etc.)

Instructions: Add a few drops of Energy Booster to your cream after applying the serum.


  • Gel Energie Corps, Body Energy Gel (Q10, vitamin E, carrot extract, sea buckthorn)

Instructions: Apply the Body Energy Gel every morning and evening. This gel is recommended both before and after sun exposure.

The radiance set

This set is very rich in antioxidants and:

  1. Helps fight the harmful effects of sunlight and pollution.
  2. Strengthens the skin, giving it radiance and reducing dark spots.
  3. Visibly reduces wrinkles and improves skin firmness by stimulating collagen synthesis.


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