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Layering: method and benefits

Layering: method and benefits

What are the benefits of “Layering”, and why did we choose this method of skin care

-What is “Layering” ?

“Layering” is a beauty ritual that consists of consecutively applying numerous skin products, doing so in a specific sequence, in order to improve the quality of your skin with each application. “Layering” is a technique that originated in the Asian continent, more specifically in Japan and Korea.

 -The benefits of “Layering”

“Layering” provides your skin with essential water and balance, leaving you with a luminous and deeply nourished face.

The secret to beautiful skin lies first and foremost in its ability to breathe, which means to properly eliminate toxins.

Therefore, you must thoroughly clean your skin on a daily basis with gentle exfoliation in order to remove dead cells that are responsible for dull skin, blackheads and acne.

Thanks to daily exfoliation, your skin will be more receptive to take in the necessary products that will make it look bright and beautiful.

 Therefore, our concept consists of successively applying several layers of different skin treatments, following a double cleansing routine.

 -Our products are listed according to 3 steps:

 Step 1 : Double cleansing (with oil then with floral water)

 Step 2 : Gentle exfoliation

 Step 3: Care (serum, creams and eye area treatments)

Step 1: Double Cleansing

-Oil make-up removal: Make-up removal, an essential step for all women who wear make-up daily, can also be used to rid the skin of impurities accumulated during the day (pollution, dirt, etc.). Hence, this will be a gentle cleansing. Vegetable oils are particularly well suited to this step as they remove all traces of makeup, including waterproof ones. Chosen according to each type of skin, the oil will be applied with your fingertips doing so in small circular movements. Then cleaning will be performed with a cotton pad soaked in micellar or lukewarm water that will be gently applied all over the face in order to remove any makeup residue. 

 -Lotion or Mist: This step, intended to prepare the skin for subsequent care, eliminates all traces of calcareous marks left by the previous step, rebalances the skin, and tightens the pores. Floral waters or hydrosols are very well suited to this step. The wide variety allows you to find the right lotion for your skin type and to have a diverse choice of scents. The lotion will be applied by either spraying it directly with the mist or gently with a cotton ball. Then leave it on in order to enjoy all the benefits of the hydrosol product.

Serum: Serum is a treatment that heals and stimulates the skin. 

Step 2: Exfoliation

- Gentle exfoliation with fruit acids: Fruit acids are very good exfoliators. They gently nibble on dead cells and eliminate them, help the healing of imperfections, and even out complexion. To be used evening and or morning depending on your needs. In case of sun exposure, make sure to wear sunscreen.

Step 3: Care

-Serum: a face serum is an intensive skin care product that contains much more active ingredients than a regular cream. It has a very specific action.

In fact, due to its concentration of active ingredients, the serum helps to boost the radiance of your skin, as well as fight skin aging, imperfections, redness and severe dehydration ...

In the Helwe product range, we offer targeted serums according to your skin’s needs. 

- Creams; Day or night treatments:

The creams (whether day or night), will help in  hydration and moisturizing and are chosen according to your skin’s type. 

-Eye area: The skin around the eye area is extremely thin and sensitive. The eye contour care, used in very small quantities, must therefore be applied delicately by tapping with your fingertips or by using Helwe’s eye care roller. The roll-on allows for a quick self-massage anytime of the day, starting from the inner corner of the eye all the way to the temples. It also allows the product to penetrate well and to activate micro-circulation. The roller can also be put in the fridge as the cold is very effective in tightening vessels and tissues. A bonus step for a proper and efficient eye care routine! These rollers can also be used around the mouth to hydrate the outlines of the lips.

Finally, don’t panic! It takes longer to describe the steps than to actually do them. Allow 5 minutes for “Layering”. This technique is also based on the idea that “prevention is better than cure”, which means that we shouldn’t wait for  wrinkles in order to treat them, as it would already be too late…Instead, we should do our best to prevent them!

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