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Why is an oily serum a must-have for your skin?

Oil serums

Why using an oily serum in your skincare routine is important


Generally speaking, plant-based oils respect the skin’s environment and are very well tolerated because they are safe and innocuous. These oils have a great affinity with skin lipids, consisting mainly of fatty acids, glycerides, phospholipids, ceramides, vitamins E and A, cholesterol, and squalene.

This is why these oils help in the reconstitution of the epidermal barrier through their lipid-replenishing and moisturizing qualities. They also prevent dehydration by reinforcing the natural hydro-lipid film. This film acts as a shield by preventing water from evaporating.

People with oily or combination skin tend to believe that oils can cause pimples. This is wrong! It all depends on the oils’ comedogenic index. All of the plant-based oils found in helwé’s products are non-comedogenic (comedogenic index less than 2). In fact, most of these oils are sebum regulators.

Why helwé offers plant-based oils in a night skin routine

Night oils boost up the skin at a time when cells are particularly receptive, which is during our sleep. As a result, upon waking up, you will notice that your skin is well-hydrated, regenerated, and glowing. Even skins that are prone to redness are soothed. 

Here are essential intense hydration serums that you can use at night:


The Sérum Nuit Essentielle and Sérum Nuit Active are night serums. They are both very oily and hydrating and provide the skin with the substances that it needs to regenerate during the night.

The Sérum Eclat and Booster Energy can be used both day and night. They are both strong antioxidants.  


In order to optimise the effect of your oily serum at night, it is best to adopt the layering method. Get a complete routine for your night time by applying on your face successive layers of care products, after a twofold cleaning of your skin.

Here are some layering routine adapted to your skin type. 


Why helwé offers an oil based make-up remover

Removing make-up with plant-based oils such as le Prodige Démaquillant Hydratant allows effective removal of all types of make-up including waterproof ones. Why? Because make-up and impurities dissolve better with oily substances. These oils are so gentle on the skin that you can use them on a daily basis, without the risk of dryness.
On the other hand, Prodige Démaquillant Hydratant is composed of four organic plant-based oils that can be kept on your skin for a long time in the morning, which will boost skin hydration. You can remove it with lukewarm water with either cotton or a sponge, and then follow-up with a mist of your choice.

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