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Antioxidants in cosmetics

Antioxidants in cosmetics

 1 -What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are molecules that act as a protective barrier against free radicals. Introducing too many free radicals into the body can cause multiple health problems: they can create a disorder in our cells known as oxidative stress, a phenomenon that causes pathologies in our body. The antioxidants present in cosmetics are able to fight against the action of free radicals. These are responsible for skin aging, for the appearance of wrinkles, and also for pigment disorders as well as loss of elasticity. These oxidizing molecules are mostly generated by the sun, cigarettes, stress, pollution, fatigue and poor lifestyle, artificial lights including those of computers, etc.

2- Action of antioxidants in cosmetics

They reduce the damages caused by the sun.
They improve the functioning of cells.
They stimulate collagen production.
They improve skin elasticity.
They produce healthier cells.

3- Goals for using antioxidants in cosmetics

Cosmetics containing antioxidants are beneficial in the long run as the skin is protected from free radicals. But most importantly, the products must be used daily since they allow the skin to fight against oxidative stress in a natural way without weakening the skin. There is no specific age to start using products that contain antioxidants. The sooner the better is advisable for an efficient preventive effect.

4- What are these antioxidants?

In cosmetics we can find them in: Vitamin C which is the best anti-aging ingredient, well-known for its toning and energizing effects. It is often taken orally through fruits and vegetables. But, it has also many virtues when directly applied to the skin. It is stain resistant, and it boosts the production of elastic fibers and collagen. Vitamin C accelerates healing and protects cells from oxidation.

Vitamin E is present in oily formulas as a preservative component. Associated with vitamin C, it is one of the most effective weapons against free radicals thanks to their broad spectrum of action.

Coenzyme Q 10, also known as Ubiquinone, is a powerful antioxidant. It is essential for the proper functioning of the body's cells, especially the skin, but its production decreases over time, hence the benefit of using it through supplements and anti-aging care products.

Polyphenols are molecules produced by plants, that protect cells against the sun, pollution, toxic environments, etc. They prevent membranes from oxidizing. Scientists have therefore incorporated these plants based polyphenols into skin care, mixing them together for more efficient results.

The most popular polyphenols are: Resveratrol (found in all vine products - grapes, wine, blackberries as well as in rhubarb and peanuts), willow (Ferulic acid), molecules from green tea, mate, and pomegranate (Ellagic acid).

Unlike conventional skin care products, organic formulas do not contain mineral oils and are therefore non-occlusive, allowing the skin to better oxygenate. They provide effective active components without endocrine disruptors, parabens and silicones. In fact, the natural antioxidant ingredients found in these types of polyphenols are more easily assimilated by the skin. They are therefore effective in counterattacking and neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals.

5- Antioxidants are also found in food and nutrients.

In order to have a beautiful skin, we must also include food rich in antioxidants such as red fruits (blueberries, strawberries ...), dried apricots, green vegetables (broccoli, artichokes, cabbage), tomatoes (they contain vitamins A and C as well as lycopene which is also a very effective ingredient in cosmetics). Last but not least, enjoy green tea with slices of ginger.

6- helwé products that contain antioxidants

- Vitamin C : In Sérums Éclat (Radiance Serum) and Radieux (Radiant Serum), Masque Radieux (Radiant Mask), and Sérum Hyalo C Yeux Velours (Hyalo C Velvet Eyes Serum)

- Vitamin E : In almost all of our serums and in Masque Radieux (Radiant Mask).

- Resveratrol (Polyphenols) : In Sérum Longévité (Long Life Serum), Lotion Exfoliante Peau Douce (Soft Skin Exfoliating Lotion), Sérum Hyalo Yeux Velours (Hyalo C Velvet Eyes Serum) and in Masque Radieux (Radiant Mask).

- Coenzyme Q10 : In Crème Énergie (Energy Cream), Sérum Hyalo C Yeux Velours (Hyalo C Velvet Eyes Serum) and Gel Énergie Corps (Body Energy Gel).


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