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Winter Skincare Guide: Nourishing Your Skin Through the Season

Winter Skincare Guide: Nourishing Your Skin Through the Season



Every year, the scenario repeats itself: your skin reddens, tightens and dries out as soon as winter arrives. The wind, the cold, the temperature changes - everything seems to come together to attack your epidermis and make it uncomfortable. It is essential to adapt your beauty routine to the winter season in order to maintain your skin's radiance.

What happens to the skin in the winter?

Under the influence of cold, blood circulation slows down, leading to a decrease in sebum production, which means that the hydrolipid film, the skin's natural shield, becomes thinner. The skin is then less well protected and weakened by dry air and heating, resulting in dehydration and dryness. Drinking plenty of water is crucial to maintaining optimal hydration, but the most important beauty step is to nourish the skin, strengthen its barrier to retain necessary water, and thus protect it from external aggression.

Is dry skin the only skin type affected?

No, be careful not to confuse dryness with dehydration. Dehydration can affect all skin types, whether dry, combination or oily. It is a temporary skin problem associated with a decrease in the skin's water content.

Here are the steps and gestures we recommend in winter:

Gestures for hydrated skin in winter:

First gesture: Gently remove your makeup

The makeup removal oil is an excellent way to cleanse the skin deeply and gently. It is essential never to aggress your skin, especially in winter when it tends to be drier and more dehydrated. To meet this need, we recommend our Prodige Démaquillant Hydratant.

Le Prodige Démaquillant Hydratant 

The Prodige Démaquillant Hydratant is a unique formula composed of four carefully selected ingredients that facilitate the removal of makeup while intensely nourishing the skin. Enriched with jojoba and macadamia oils, it is suitable for all skin types, normal, oily or dry.

Mists: Douce, Revitalisante, or Perfection:

Our mists, composed of plant hydrosols and aloe vera, are all hydrating. They are suitable for all skin types, depending on the hydrosols chosen.

Instructions for use:

In the evening, apply the hydrating makeup remover (Prodige Démaquillant Hydratant) to the entire face, neck and chest, massaging gently to ensure optimal penetration. Soak a cotton pad with water and wipe the entire face, neck and chest up to four times to remove makeup, using a new pad each time. In the morning, apply hydrating makeup remover to cleansed skin to hydrate and soothe. We recommend leaving it on as long as possible before removing it with the pad.

Spray the mist of your choice after makeup removal or in the morning to revitalize your skin. Integrate it harmoniously into your skincare routine.

Second gesture: Intensely hydrate your skin

In order to retain water in the deep layers of the skin and counteract the damaging effects of cold, it is essential to strengthen the skin's hydrolipidic barrier. It is highly recommended to favor products rich in humectants - agents capable of attracting moisture into the skin. Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera, royal jelly and vitamin B5 are some of the most beneficial ingredients.

In addition, the use of emollients such as squalane or vegetable oils is essential. These elements have the ability to hydrate, nourish and soothe the skin by creating a protective barrier. Choosing products that contain these ingredients ensures optimal hydration while maintaining the suppleness and health of the skin, acting as a shield against external aggression.

Our Product Recommendations:

Hydrosoluble Serums:

Intense Hydration Serum (Sérum Hydratation Intense):

Light and quickly absorbed, Intense Hydration Serum (Sérum Hydratation Intense)  penetrates the epidermis to seal in moisture, leaving skin soft, fresh, supple and radiant. Enriched with a blend of two types of hyaluronic acid, it hydrates the different layers of the epidermis and protects against premature aging. Its formula also contains a dose of vitamin B5, panthenol, which regenerates, soothes and brightens the skin. This serum is suitable for all skin types.

Moisturizing and Anti-Aging Face Creams:

Prodigious Cream (Crème Prodigieuse):

The Prodigious Cream (Crème Prodigieuse) is an expert fusion of hyaluronic acid and hive ingredients. Beeswax, honey, propolis, and especially royal jelly offer soothing and moisturizing properties. Their synergy with hyaluronic acid optimizes the moisturizing and plumping effect of the cream.

Cream of eternity (Crème éternelle):

This cream combines the moisturizing, soothing and repairing power of Centella asiatica extract with the plumping effect of hyaluronic acid. Centella asiatica extract promotes skin regeneration, delays aging, boosts collagen, and improves hydration due to its rich sugar composition that promotes water circulation between the cells of the epidermis.

Instructions for use: Apply Prodigious or Eternal Cream generously to the entire face and neck in the morning or evening. Avoid contact with eyes.

Moisturizing and Anti-Aging Body Creams:

Perfect Body Emulsion (soon available for sale):

Get a free sample by asking at the store. This morning and evening fluid combines resveratrol, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed proteins, bisabolol and vitamin B5. This complex stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid and fights the harmful effects of oxidative stress linked to premature aging, especially caused by the sun, pollution and tobacco. The result: more hydrated, smoother and firmer skin.

Moisturizing Plumping Masks:

Plumping Mask (masque pulpeux):

This plumping mask is particularly effective for dehydrated skin in search of firmness. It redensifies and smoothes the skin thanks to a synergy of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and plant collagen. The intensive hydrating action is enhanced by an elastin booster and a beech bud extract, which promote skin elasticity and help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Instructions for use: Apply evenly to cleansed face, leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. It is recommended to use this mask in the morning upon waking or before a night out for plump and radiant skin.

Mask of eternity (Masque Éternel):

This Eternal Mask is a true cocktail of plant based actions, adapted to the specific needs of the skin. Centella asiatica, with its regenerating, toning and firming properties, combines with hyaluronic acid and collagen to plump, soothe and hydrate the skin. Yellow clay, combined with essential oils of geranium and Roman chamomile, purifies, soothes, and restores softness and elasticity to the skin, giving it a radiant glow.

Instructions for use: Apply the mask to dry skin, leave on for 10 to 20 minutes, then moisten your hand to moisten your face. Massage gently in circular motions, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. This step completes your skincare ritual, leaving your skin revitalized and glowing.

Oil Serums:

Revitalized Night Serum (Sérum Nuit Essentielle):

This serum provides the skin with the essential elements it needs to regenerate throughout the night. It works by reducing wrinkles and fine lines caused by dry skin. Thanks to a combination of vegetable oils from sea buckthorn, apricot and jojoba, known for their nourishing, regenerating, antioxidant and sebum-regulating properties, it revitalizes the skin's functions and regulates its hydration levels. The serum brightens the complexion and leaves the skin visibly firmer and more radiant. It is suitable for all skin types, especially dull and mature skin.

Active Night Serum (Sérum Nuit Active):

This sebum-regulating serum revitalizes, repairs, and soothes skin while you sleep. Its light, non-greasy texture, combined with sebum-regulating ylang-ylang essential oil, restores radiance to dull skin and is also suitable for oily skin prone to discomfort.

Oil Serums for the Body:

Sensual Oil (Huile Des Sens):

Formulated with a blend of 10 vegetable oils, including argan, sweet almond, jojoba, and plant extracts such as sea buckthorn, pomegranate, and carrot macerate, this soothing treatment leaves your skin glowing with radiance. This non-greasy oil hydrates, nourishes and regenerates your body's skin.

Third Gesture: Hydrate the Decolletage

Décolleté skin, thin and fragile due to the lack of sebaceous glands, needs special hydration in winter. This is why our intense body tonic (Gel Tonique Buste) acts as a tensor, quickly firming the skin's surface. This intensive tonic revitalizes, firms and restructures the skin tissue without the greasy effect of a cream or oil. Tonicity and hydration are maintained by a hydro-tonic complex of collagen, aloe vera and rose hydrosol. Daisy macerate provides an additional firming action, restoring firmness to the bust skin. Kigelia extract, rich in veinotonic and firming agents, completes this action.

Fourth Gesture: Hydrate the Eye Contour

Often neglected, the eye contour area deserves special attention in winter to prevent signs of fatigue and dehydration wrinkles. The combination of Glamour Eye Hydrance Serum ( Hydrance Yeux Glamours) and Prodigieux Look Cream (Regard Prodigieux) boosts the hydration of the eye contour area and significantly reduces fine lines, commonly known as "crow's feet".

Glamour Eye Hydrance Serum

Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin, and Beech Bud Extract, this lightweight Glamorous Eyes lotion infiltrates the eye contour area to plump and deeply nourish. 

Prodigious Look Cream

The combination of royal jelly, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera in the Regard Prodigieux cream targets eye wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet. It hydrates and "plumps" the skin, making it firmer and smoother. 

Personalize Your Winter Routine:

To further personalize your winter routine, book a free private online consultation with Dr. Josiane Riachi, the creator of the line. These consultations are available every Wednesday in-store or online via Zoom. A pharmacist is also available in-store to advise you.

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