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The Face Lift Duo

Products included in this set:

This duo set, which combines a vitamin C serum (Sérum Éclat) with the Gua sha facial tool, is the ally for firmness and radiance that you need. The Gua sha promotes lymphatic drainage and toxin elimination, helping to reduce facial congestion, puffiness and dull complexions. It also enhances product absorption, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the skin more effectively.

Skin type

all skin types

Skin concern

lack of firmness, wrinkles and fine lines, dull complexion, puffiness and facial congestion

Instructions for use

Apply the serum all over the face, then hold the Gua Sha with the curved edge against the skin at a 15-45 degree angle. Use slow movements in a specific pattern. Start at the chin and smooth diagonally toward the ear, then continue smoothing up the cheeks, along the eyebrows and across the forehead.

NB: We offer free 30-minute sessions every Thursday with a skin therapist to show you how to use the facial roller and the gua sha. You can register online.